Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pea Shoots!

Hi Everyone,
We have been hard at work on our garden. We have planted a lot of seeds, which don't make for good pictures yet, because most of them aren't up yet. But we've got lots of tomato plants planted, with several varieties of heirloom as well as hybrids. Give them another month or two and we should have a delicious salad. Gardening is not for the impatient.

And here are some radish sprouts.  

And these are our pea shoots, which we planted about 3 weeks ago.  The beginning is slow, but things will start to grow faster now.

So that's our early garden preview.  We would show you more pictures, but right now everything else pretty much looks like bare dirt.  Stay tuned for more action shots and hijinks of city folks trying to garden, which will be following shortly.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture of the Day

Kinda contrast-y.  Just a glamour shot of the barn.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Settled In ... Mostly

Hi Everyone!

So here we are.  This is our first hello from Vermont.  Its been a little slow getting this blog off the ground since we've been putting all our energy into renovations. RH's parents have been nice enough to let us move into the old dairy barn next to their house while we look for a house, have a baby, and stuff like that.  

But today we want to give you a quick whirlwind summary of the last 3 weeks, and we will flesh out all these events in more detail in the upcoming posts.

When we moved up here 3 weeks ago it was early spring in Vermont, very chilly still, and just barely green outside.  Here's a pic of the apple orchard down the hill form our new digs.  The trees were just blossoming then, but now they have leafed out and everything looks much more like summer. 

Here's our Barn the day the moving truck came. This building has had a long and varied career, housing first livestock, then a feuding old lady, then a wine importing company, then a literacy promoting non-profit, and now us.  We have our living space on one end, and our studios on the other.  It is in various degrees of renovation, and parts of it still have a threadbare 70s office feel to it, but we are working room by room to fix it up.  We've done a lot of work on our apartment, and we'll do a few detailed before and after posts in the near future, but for now we want to give you a little sneak peak into a few of the rooms that are mostly done.

Here's our kitchen, which looks out onto the lawn where we got married last summer.

And this is our living room, with a temporary teeny couch while we wait for our new one to be delivered.

And here's our bedroom, complete with 1 lounging O-Dog.

I hope this gives you all an idea of where we are, and we'll get back to you tomorrow with a new post on some type of life in the country point of interest. Signing off from the Northland.  RH&TH