Wednesday, July 31, 2013

League of NH Craftsmen Summer Fair Starts This Weekend!

Tomorrow is the first day of set up for the annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Summer Fair.  The show opens to the public on Saturday August 3rd and runs through Sunday the 12th.  If you have never been to this event before it is really worth a trip.  Not only is there tent after tent full of booth after booth of amazing handmade crafts for sale, but there are lots of interesting demonstrations, classes and other hands on events all day long.  There is food too, and places to sit down, relax and take a little breather.  You can follow the link above for additional show information.
I'll be set up in Tent 7, booth #704.  I have been playing around with my display a little bit, and have added some fun natural texture to hopefully help highlight the jewelry.  But most importantly I have made an obscene amount of jewelry!  And many of the pieces are one of a kind new designs, which I can't wait to get everyone's reaction to.  I also added more 14k pieces, since the price of gold has helpfully gone down so much since last year, as well as some pretty stones that I have been hoarding in my studio for the past several years.  Here is a little preview of some of the new work:
I really hope to see some of you there!  And if you read this post and decide to make the trip, just mention this post for 15% off your entire purchase! (at my booth only, sorry, can't offer discounts for the rest of the show!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Cool and Fresh + a Little Honesty

What is it that is so nice about drinking out of a mason jar?  Are you all having this endless heat wave?  Isn't it brutal? But iced tea in a mason jar is helping get me through it.  A little.  Well, that and air conditioning. . .

Alert! This is a special message for those of you who think I spend all of my days in a lovely clean house with a super well behaved three year old sipping iced tea.  Please let me tell you that this is really not the case.  I have heard from a few readers and friends that Campestral makes them feel like they need to get up and clean their house, and makes them feel somehow bad about their lives. This really makes me feel terrible, because, well that's awful, plus if you saw what things mostly look like around here you'd sit right back down on the couch.  So I'm putting together a little peek behind the posts, so you can see the chaos outside the frame of the photograph.  But it's not quite done yet, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emmett's Rooftop Garden

Totally on board with the urban gardening trend.  Emmett knows what's up with sustainable living.