Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Cool and Fresh + a Little Honesty

What is it that is so nice about drinking out of a mason jar?  Are you all having this endless heat wave?  Isn't it brutal? But iced tea in a mason jar is helping get me through it.  A little.  Well, that and air conditioning. . .

Alert! This is a special message for those of you who think I spend all of my days in a lovely clean house with a super well behaved three year old sipping iced tea.  Please let me tell you that this is really not the case.  I have heard from a few readers and friends that Campestral makes them feel like they need to get up and clean their house, and makes them feel somehow bad about their lives. This really makes me feel terrible, because, well that's awful, plus if you saw what things mostly look like around here you'd sit right back down on the couch.  So I'm putting together a little peek behind the posts, so you can see the chaos outside the frame of the photograph.  But it's not quite done yet, so stay tuned!

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