Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I was tagged by the jeweler and sheep rescuer extraordinaire @shopclementine for #widn -- and since I was just driving to get the baby from daycare I decided to take a detour down this dirt track next to the Connecticut River marked with a boat launch sign. It turns out to be very pretty here, and a little spooky, and would probably be an excellent place to dispose of a body. So I'm going to go get back in the main road now. What are you up to @peartreestore @homestylehostel and @robcartelli?

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Today's new design and new listing on rebeccahaas.com is the Lintel Necklace! Simple, minimalist, and great for layering, this one is a personal favorite. Follow the link in profile for more details.

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Morning visitors. #vermontproblems #notmycows #bigexcitementinthelittletown

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Morning Visitors

Loose cows, what passes for excitement around here. Just look at those sweet faces. We called the police, because who else do you call? It's all sorted out now.