Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Horse!

Hi everyone!
So I put down a deposit on a horse this morning!  Her name is Misty (subject to change), and she's just almost 5 years old, and 15.3 hands tall.  She doesn't know a ton, but has loads of potential, and has a sweet personality.  Barring any unforeseen difficulties she should be here in a couple of weeks, along with her soon to be new pal Noble.  We've just got to work out the final details and get the shipping arranged and we should be all set!  See the pics and video below for a sneak preview.  I'm sure there will be many more pics come summer.

Here's Misty.  I think this picture is from last summer, because she's much fuzzier right now.

And here's one of me riding Noble a few weeks ago.  He's a really cool horse who is kind of a mystery at this point, in terms of what he knows how to do.  But I'll get a good start on figuring it out and then throw Tom up on him to find out the rest!!  Hooray for a horse for Tom!  
(I don't think he quite realizes yet how lucky he is ;) )

Ok, and here's a quick little video of Misty lunging this morning.  My camera ran out of memory before I rode her, so I don't have any pics of my ride.  Sad!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Emmett's Pick of the Week: ATW

Look at this awesome thing I got.  It's an All-Terrain Wagon.  I can ride around in this thing while my parents are gardening.  I'll just pull up in it and play with my toys.; it'll take me just about anywhere with those massive wheels.  My parents buckle me into my captain's chair and off we go!

I rode around it yesterday and again today.  

Check me out!  I can go anywhere... if someone pulls me.

I think it's great.  I'm going to have a lot of fun this spring and summer!  I know one person who is looking forward to yard work!!


These guys were venturing close to the house the other day.  Most likely in search of some apples we tossed on the compost.

I think this guy knew he was being watched.