Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from the Beach

As most of you knew, we spent the last week in Cape Cod.  This was the 3rd year we've spent in Truro, and surprisingly we just discovered how to find downtown Truro! It's easy, just follow Truro Center Road, but if you blink you'll miss it.  As with all vacations, it was sad it came to an end. 

All in all it was a great time. We soaked up some sun and ate well (TH singlehandedly wiped out the Northeastern seaboard's population of wild Striped Bass). Most mornings we took the O to get some exercise.  You can see here she's extremely pleased.

And most importantly, we have an image for everyone who's been clamoring, a photograph of RH and the Bean.

That's pretty much 7 months in! And of course there's the O too.

And lastly, here's a foggy picture up the beach.


  1. You look gorgeous! And so does o.

  2. You look beautiful!!! Is O feeling ready to be a big sister?