Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Patio Beautification Plan

This has been my 1st chance to have a real go at flower growing, and it has been really fun.  Although I swear you could spend your whole life dead heading nasturtiums and petunias!  I really wanted to grow morning glories up our patio wall, and after a very slow start, I think success has been achieved!

This spring we installed a propane tank for a gas stove, which was a little unsightly on the corner of our patio, so I instituted a Propane Tank Beautification Plan, or the PTBP.  I think it looks a little better, although something has been eating my Sweet Peas since this photo was taken.  Dratted nature.

And here's a quick glimpse of the full effect.  *Please also note that we have replaced the screen door (please see previous posts), much to Olivia's disapproval!

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