Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nursery Renovations, part 1, striped floor

Hi all!
We are going to begin to try to catch up on our posts about renovating our nursery, which we call the "Bean Room." We have really done a lot of projects, so we can't fit it in one post. Also, it's not quite done, so I can't really do a true before and after yet. But no projects of any kind could be undertaken before the walls, ceiling and floor were painted, so it is the appropriate place to start. Here's the before, so you can get an idea where we started from.

We forgot to take a true before picture, but if you'd like to imagine brown seventies commercial carpeting over that floor, go ahead, because you'd be getting a more accurate before picture. And obviously in this picture we had already begun priming the walls. We really felt that the whole thing needed a tremendous amount of brightening, so we decide to paint everything white and add a striped floor for fun. At first we thought diamonds, but for both practical and aesthetic reasons we switched to stripes. So here's how it looked all primed.

Ok, so then we painted the walls and ceiling white. (Please note that this room truly has the weirdest ceiling, but more on that later) You can notice in the upcoming pictures that the white on the walls looks more even and bright than the primer. Once that was done TH could start on the stripes on the floor. Here's the 1st color of stripes, which is white.

I drew out a pattern for the stripes that looks semi-random, but is really a pattern of 1, 2 and 3 board wide stripes. Now here's TH filling in the yellow stripes.

I believe it took 2 coats of each color. And then we put 3 layers of non-toxic polyurethane over the paint to save it from wear and tear, and make it easier to clean. And there you have it, a painted Bean Room Floor! Doesn't it look so much bigger and brighter?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about the decor and diy projects!

Update: We actually do have a picture from before. Yikes!

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