Wednesday, December 9, 2009

California 1 - Emmett visits the Pacific

Hi All!
So we made the big adventure to California with the wee one and it was great.  And given how the weather has turned around here, it was nice to see some bright sun.  We did lots of great things while we were out there, and Emmett got to meet his cousins.  Here's just a quick post of us at the beach in Moro Bay with TH's brother DH, and his girls.

As with most of the momentous occasions in his life, Emmett pretty much slept through the whole event.

TH and DH!  See the resemblance?

Moro Bay Beach

Looks just like Vermont, right?

Here's a cute sister picture of Tacey and Finley.  Way to persevere DH!
Stay tuned for more California Pics!

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