Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New Windham Antique Center

There's a gorgeous new antique shop in Bellows Falls, VT full of fascinating things, with a special focus on estate jewelry.  I had the opportunity to poke around there yesterday for hours shooting some pictures for them to use in their brochures, website, and the like.  It was especially fun for me to handle the stunning antique rings, which I think in another life would have been a great route to go for an engagement ring and wedding bands.  Maybe for the next marriage ;) . . . (just kidding Hutten!!)

They've just opened, and are working on putting together their website, but you can get the basic coordinates here, or you can keep up to date with their goings on on facebook here.


  1. this further proves that bellows falls is the most happening place in vt! garret is such a trendforecaster!

    let's go here next time we visit.

    and yes, i love those rings!!

  2. Michael and the staff have done a beautiful job renovating this space and creating a very inviting gallery and showroom. We are thrilled to have them right in the mix of things On the Square in Bellows Falls.

  3. and this looks like a lot of fun.