Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I mean are you dead serious about this weather?  This March storm happens every year here and it is enough to make every Vermonter want to move to California.  Luckily it melts fast and we get over it, or Vermont would be an depopulated tundra.   Yeah yeah, it's pretty, I know.  You know what else is pretty? Flowers.  Leaves. Grass.  A warm yellow orb in the sky.  Harumph.

Sorry about the long blogger silence.  I struggle with this every year in this season.  I always try to use my own photos on this blog, and there is nothing photogenic about mud, bare branches, and crusty old snow.  I guess it's a good thing we are getting this storm or you probably wouldn't have heard from me for another three weeks.  And I've peppered you all enough with pictures of collages and jewelry.  

I'll try to put together a post about our renovation tomorrow, since it is definitely the biggest news around here, and taking up a good chunk of our time.  And thankfully we are headed to California in a week to hopefully escape the worst of mud season and replace it with some sun and sea.  I promise to be a much cheerier blogger after that! No one likes a grumpy blogger.


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