Monday, June 10, 2013

Around The Studio

Things have been busy here in the Rebecca Haas Jewelry studio.  I usually count on a little downtime at the end of winter to spend some time regrouping and focusing on the big picture.  I didn't really get that downtime this year, which is both a blessing and a curse.  So aside from the new website I didn't really get a chance to tackle any big projects, and am woefully behind on stocking up for the may shows I'll be doing through the summer and fall.  Just thinking about it makes me start to hyperventilate a little bit.  Eeeep!

Here are a few photos I've taken around the studio in the last few days.  The photo above is a little collection of photo props, along with the macro lens which I use for my jewelry product shots.  The second one is of the newly listed Geometry Bangles, and the bottom ones are my little computer desk and a stack of chalkboard painted display boards from last year's show season.  

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