Friday, September 27, 2013

The Baby is 4!

And I guess he isn't a baby anymore.  No more diapers, no more crib, a new school, some great friends, and some long, long legs.  A lot can happen in one year.
Tom Hutten outdid himself again this year with an amazing cement mixer cake.  Emmett has already wished for a cold planer cake for next year, which may well take a whole year of planning. (Curious what a cold planer is?  Click here)
We had family and friends visiting from out of town for the big birthday, so we decided to forgo the big kid party this year, and wow am I glad we did that! Emmett was already completely emotionally wrung out from the family celebrations and school celebrations, that I think one more thing might have put him right over the edge.  Being the center of attention can really be exhausting, poor little dude.  And us grown ups were pretty tired too.  Celebrating for four straight days is a big undertaking, I don't know why I didn't realize it would be.  Am I the only Mom who feels this way?  But it was wonderful to have all of Emmett's special people here for the weekend, and see him so celebrated by people who love him.  What a wonderful thing a loving family is.

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  1. We just did the exact same thing at the end of July. Ours was a construction site cake, and I'm pretty proud of it! A family party and a very small kids party at home wore the poor kid out and by the end of it he was emotional and crabby. The things we do. Oh well. Happy birthday Emmett!