Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quiet House

These little rug rats are both off on their first full days at school today, and the house is very quiet.  This is the first time since Ellery was born that I am staring down the barrel of a full child free day, and I am feeling a little crippled by the openness of it.  Looks like I should have made a plan for myself yesterday.  Maybe a shower is a good place to start.  Then a to do list.
So I guess the baby-moon is over.  It's been a little challenging pushing back the wall of work that is waiting for me in my studio, so now I guess I can start chipping away at it.  It is a little daunting. Thanks so much to all of my lovely and patient customers for allowing me this time and space with my boys, but now it appears to be time to get back to it in earnest.

But wow is it quiet, and I'm missing these little faces. . .

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