Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hi All! I have been wanting to introduce myself for a while now, but, well, selfies. . . I'm not a big user of make-up, which also makes selfies harder. But covering up most of my face helped a lot :) And at least today I showered, or you wouldn't even be seeing this much of me. So here are some fun facts about me. Today is my birthday, which seemed like a good occasion to say hi. I'm turning 38, which feels like about 76 in internet years. I have a husband and two boys who are 20mos amd 6, but I rarely post pictures of them here because, although of course I love them dearly, nothing is more boring than other people's family photos. I grew up in a small town in Vermont, and live in that same Vermont town now again, with 12 years in Brooklyn, NYC in between. While I aspire to having one of those beautiful and beautifully curated studios that you see all over Instagram, mine is mostly ugly and always messy. According to the Myers Briggs personality test I am an introvert extravert cusp, which is actually pretty well illustrated by this photo and the fact that I'm posting it on the internet. I am generally very rational and pragmatic, but I get very twitchy and superstitious at craft shows, and if business seems slow I'll change the jewelry I'm wearing to bring better luck. And I love making jewelry. And I especially love making jewelry for other people, knowing that they are going to wear it and enjoy it and the piece will go on to have a life of its own out in the world. I'd love to meet some of you! So if you're in a sharing mood post a pic and a little introduction and tag me and a friend who you think might like to share too! And if not, I totally get it. This is a rare thing for me to be in the mood for!! But either way, thanks for following, and I hope I'll get to know you some day! Xo

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  1. Wish You A Happy Birthday!

    And I surprised ,I cant believe how you write a post as a Heading.
    I love your's everyday Photographs. you have a better thrid eye. :)