Thursday, March 24, 2016

So I missed #nationalpuppyday yesterday, because I always miss these things. But I'm doing a belated post, because I think adopting a puppy is an absolutely lovely thing to do, and one of my best decisions ever. This is Miss Olivia, the dowager countess of Haywood Drive. I adopted her as a loud and pushy puppy almost 14 years ago. She's been with me through 8 years of life in Brooklyn, our move to Vermont, a wedding, and the birth of 2 new family members, and she has handled it all with humor and aplomb. She is mostly retired now from all her doggy duties, and just mostly sleeps all day, and is currently snoring next to me in my studio. But that's ok. She's earned it. #bestdogever #sentientdog #dogsofinstagram

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