Friday, April 1, 2016

Hi there! This is me :) It's kinda not my favorite thing to do to put myself up on the Internet. But it's been a while since I introduced myself to all of you lovelies. And reaching 3000 followers seemed like a reason to say hi, and a reason to celebrate! Not that it's all about the numbers, because it's not. But I've been getting to know a bunch of you, and you guys are GREAT! And finding all of you on Instagram has been hard work, and I'm so glad to have found YOU, and that's worth celebrating for sure. So here I am. I am the one armed paper hanger behind Rebecca Haas Jewelry, based in Chester, VT. My husband and I and our two kids live and work in what was first a dairy barn, and then a summer residence, and then an office. (Well the kids do mostly living, and not so much working) I'm sitting in my bedroom in this picture, because the light is pretty in there. The walls might look black, but they're not, they're dark grey. My husband picked this color when we moved into our barn in Vermont almost 7 years ago. I had some serious doubts about it when I was sitting on the floor painting all this darkness at 5 months pregnant. But it has grown on me, and now it's a super cozy room for sleeping. Which with 2 small kids, we don't do near enough of! I've been making jewelry professionally now for about 16 years, which is crazy and barely seems possible to me. And there have been lots of ups and downs. But I love what I do, and wouldn't change it for the world. If you told me you'd give me a million dollars to quit I wouldn't. Lemme think about that one again for a minute. . . Yep. Still wouldn't. But I couldn't do it without all of you, so for that I send you all a million thanks instead. You are the best!Xoxo R

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