Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8th is Best Friends Day, which seems to me to be an excellent reason to hold a friendship bracelet giveaway! Check out the simple rules below to win 2 bracelets, one for you, and one for your bestie! 💜 They can be either Phoebe Bracelets, Wren Bracelets, or one of each, in the color(s) and metal(s) of your choice. (Color options are listed on my website, although I may also be able to accommodate custom color requests) These bracelets are super wearable and perfect with your summer wardrobe. And how fun would it be, to be able to look down at your arm and think warm fuzzy thoughts about your bestie all summer? Here's how to enter: 1. Make sure you are following, or start following, @rebeccahaas here on insta. 2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you'd like to win, and tag the friend you would share your prize with. And if you feel like it, share something awesome about that friend and make her day. 😀 3. Giveaway ends on Sunday 6/12 at noon EST, at which point the winning comment will be selected at random. Fine Print: -Multiple entries are allowed, but please be reasonable, and don't spam your friends!! -Yes, international entries are allowed :)

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