Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do you ever think about the small things, or the people you may have known only briefly, that have had a huge impact on the direction of your life? Sometimes I start to think about these things and it kind of blows my mind. First off, I started making jewelry by mistake. The sculpture class I signed up for in art school during a semester in Mexico fell through, and the only other class that met at the same time was metal smithing. Also, bear with me for a minute now, the girlfriend of the best friend of my college boyfriend introduced me to my first employer in the jewelry business in New York, which launched me onto the path I've been happily following for 15 years. When I look back at these two instances they look to me like the tiny switch in a model train set that switches the train to another track. Maybe if I'd met other people I would now be a dental hygienist. Or a lawyer. Or who knows what! Or maybe I'd still somehow have become a jeweler living in rural Vermont. And that thought blows my mind even more. #sundaymusings • • • • • #sundaymood #makersvillage @makersvillage #homeinthestudio #thenewbohemians #ecoluxe #welovecollect #myeverydaymagic #lovelysquares #smallbusiness #ofsimplethings #makelightmakers #simplethingsmadebeautiful #seeingthepretty #differencemakesus #makersmovement #feelfreefeed #bedeeplyrooted #collectivelycreate #cylcollective #theeverygirl #thatsdarling #darlingweekend

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