Friday, February 25, 2011

Emmett's Pick of the Week - The Bruder Catalog

Now this isn't a toy, exactly.  It's the little catalog that comes with every Bruder tractor, digger, or backhoe.  Emmett loves the vehicles too, but they are nothing compared to the little catalogs.  It's lucky we have 3 Bruder toys, and thus 3 catalogs, because he has read them so much that they are completely dogeared and shredded.  The one I photographed is by far the most whole of the three.  The pictures above are from a recent dinner out where the Bruder catalog afforded us at least 5 solid minutes of eating, together, at the same time, which for dinner out with a toddler is pretty good!  It is also our main go to distraction for car rides, waiting rooms, or any other time of need.  This little guy gets 5 stars on the Emmett-o-mometer! 


  1. I love how serious he is reading his catolge. Adorable.

  2. So adorable. And I had a flood of memories and understanding reading this. We have a very old Lego instruction manual from my husband's childhood that was our middle of the night, dinner, airplane, any time book of choice for Eddie for about three of his six years. It is now in pieces. Snowing here, too. We leave this afternoon... hope the drive to Denver is OK!