Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowshoeing, emphasis on SNOW. . .

So we got ambitious yesterday and decided to go snowshoeing, dragging the baby behind us in a sled.  It was WAY harder than we expected, and the baby pretty much hated it.  The snow is about 3 feet deep, with 2 inches of powder on top of about 2 inches of icy crust, on top of another 2.5 ish feet of soft snow.  So you have to lift you knees way up, punch through the crust, push down through the powder, repeat.  We had big ambition about making it up the hill for a view, but basically ended up doing a small circuit around our outer yard, then giving up.  However, it was nice to get a slight change of viewpoint (from that of what I see looking out the kitchen window) and I got a few pictures that I think are cool.  I love the simplicity of winter pictures, there's often only 2 or 3 colors in the whole landscape.  


  1. It's the ice layer that gets ya every time! You think you've got a solid footing and start to raise your other foot and then cruuuunch, the first leg goes way down and then you're Effed.

    Story of my winter.
    Awesome photo of the barn + icicles!

  2. So beautiful! Where are the photos of Emmett hating the snow???