Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quiet Mornings in the Barn

Poor Misty Dodo has an abscess in one of her feet, so I've been spending these last few lovely spring mornings in the barn with her, giving her some TLC and soaking her foot in epsom salts.  She's still super shaggy with her winter coat, but if this weather keeps up she'll be shedded out and sleek again before long.  The mule in the fourth photo is her new BFF and alter-ego Candy.


  1. Oh no, poor girl. Hope she's better and basking in the spring weather soon!

  2. Poor baby! I'm surprised she stands there with her foot in a bucket. She must trust you a lot.
    Lovely photos!

  3. There's a mule now? I saw the photos before reading down and thought you'd really let Dodo go to seed!