Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Fever, With a Side of Cabin Fever

It's a bad case.  I want spring so badly I can taste it.  I want to have the windows open and have the smell of grass and flowers blow in on a warm breeze.  I want to plant my seeds in the garden and watch them come up.  I want to sit outside in the morning with my coffee and let emmett play in the hose. And I want to take a cocktail out to the garden in the evening to pick vegetables for dinner.
These pictures are of course from last summer, and I am torturing myself a little looking through them. Because what we really have right now, and will have for another four weeks at least, is this:
As much as I love our house and our wood stove, I'm ready for a change.  Really ready.  And after a very mild winter of almost no snow we are now buried under a foot of icy snow, with no grass anywhere, and it is 5 degrees outside.  March is the worst.  Sigh.   

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  1. Luckily, it looks like mother nature also has a bad case of spring fever!