Monday, May 21, 2012

The View From the Bug Tent

Because of the merciless number of black fly bites Emmett was getting on his face (he's still too young to swat), we recently purchased a giant umbrella with bug netting to go over his sandbox.  I honestly have no idea how I have lived in Vermont for so long without one of these things.  I mean, I know it seams simple, but we can actually be outside without being harassed by bugs, and it is fantastic.  And far from feeling claustrophobic, or trapped, it actually feels kind of romantic in there, as if we are on safari, or in the tropics or somewhere equally exotic.  I bought the cheapest bug tent contraption that I could find, so I fully anticipate that it will collapse in a sad pile in the first strong wind.  But now that I know how awesome it is, I am prepared to invest in a better one, when that day comes.
And I'll be honest, playing in the sandbox is no where near as riveting for me, as it is for Emmett.  And so then add swarms of black flies into the mix, and the second through fourth hours of daily sandbox time become kind of awful.  But today with the tent, I could bring my flower boxes in there, and do my digging while Emmett did his digging, all in our little bug-free oasis.  Splendid. 

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