Monday, July 23, 2012

Garden Diary 2012: July 23

 The first garlic and potatoes of the season, before and after a quick bath with the hose.  Look out Olivia, you are next!
Also, please keep in mind that I have skipped over a post on peas, because that post is a longer one with a recipe, and it's not ready yet.  So I apologize that this garden diary isn't going to be chronologically accurate! 


  1. oh wow, your garlic is awesome! Mine just didn't take, I think I planted it too late this spring, but my shallots are going strong! Love the potatoes! How much room did you need for that little harvest?

    1. Hey Briana! You know what, you are supposed to plant garlic in October, and then I don't know what it does all winter, but then it really gets going in the spring. And then do you mean how much garden space did my harvest come from? I pulled up 3 or 4 potato plants, although a couple of them were really small, so about 2 sq feet maybe? We were just doing a little test to see how the potatoes were coming along. There are lots and lots more still in the ground.

  2. Ya, I knew that about garlic, but also saw that you can plant it in "early" spring too, but I think they meant "early spring and not May. I'll try for October this year and see what happens next year. I'd love to grow potatoes, was just wondering if it took a lot of room to do it. Maybe I'll try it next year too :)