Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing Class: Part 2, Making a Camera Tote

Here is the camera tote I made in my second sewing class at the Craft Studies Center at the League of NH Craftsmen!  I'm very pleased with it, even though in my rush to finish I sewed the straps on with a twist in the handles. The pattern was for a tote bag, but since I have so many plain tote bags I thought I could really use a bag for my camera that was also big enough to carry both my camera and also a few other things, like my wallet and phone etc.  I found this really cool Robert Kaufman fabric at Waterwheel Quilt Shop, near Emmett's school that was perfect for the project.  And the bag even has a inside zipper pocket, which I am especially excited to know how to do! This is by far the most complicated sewing project I have ever completed, and I even feel like I could do it again, which is the most amazing part.  Sadly, between jewelry and fiddleheads, I don't have any free time right now to play around with my newly learned skills.  But after the holidays I have lots of fun and (I think) easy projects planned.  I want to make small cushions for my uncomfortable dining room chairs, and new covers for my small square Ikea poofs.
And here is my trusty machine, which I really do feel more familiar with now.  Can't wait to get back to it!

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