Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Last of the Green Things

I am very proud of these brussels sprouts, because I grew them from seed.  Brussels sprouts have a very long growing season, so they can be hard to grow up here where the gardening season is relatively short.  So most years I try to grow a few of the slower growing things from seed, winter squash, melons, leeks, and mostly fail.  Usually my little seedlings are so puny by the time it is time to put them in the ground that they are pretty much doomed to fail.  But not this time!  Most of the sprouts are pretty small, much smaller than you'd get in a store, but they are very tasty.

The top picture is one of the leaves from the brussels sprout plant that went astray on its way to the compost pile.  I found it the next morning covered in frost.

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