Monday, December 31, 2012

Swedish Secret

My Swedish friend May just let me in on a little kids-in-cold-weather secret.  I was lamenting about the gap above the top of Emmett's parka collar, and how blowing snow seems somehow magnetized to that tender spot. So she showed me how she had tied a handkerchief around her son Fisher's neck to keep the snow and breezes out, and said that that is how they all do it in Sweden.  So simple, and so genius!
Today Emmett and Markus tried it, and it turns out to be a great idea for multiple reasons: it can't get tangled, or wrapped too tight like a scarf, and it also can't fall off, it is totally adjustable to different size necks, and the cotton cloth is soft and not itchy against sensitive baby skin.  Also, they are cheap, and readily available, and easy to wash. Thanks May, and thanks Sweden!

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