Monday, May 6, 2013

A Person Could Really Starve Gardening This Way. . .

 It looks like a lot of lettuce, right? And I grew it from seed in this little planter in my Mom's greenhouse.  I'm very proud of it, it is so healthy and happy.  So tonight we needed a little lettuce for our dinner salad, so I thought it could be time to do the first harvest.
This is what it looks like when you pull some up.  Still more like micro greens than baby greens.  And you should have seen me down there carefully selecting which seemed to be the most mature plants.  I probably burned more calories selecting and pulling it than I gained eating it. (Plus I looked like a crazy person, but luckily I was alone)
I could have easily eaten the whole planter, if I was just having salad for dinner.  But luckily there was a chicken, so I could hold back, and most of the lettuces will live to see another day.


  1. Lettuce killer! But it does look pretty tasty!

    (This is Paul BTW - Patty and I are starting to make summer plans, and we are hoping to come visit VT, but Markus does not get out of school until June 26th! So some time in July or August. We will reach out to you soon to see what works.

    Keep micro harvesting!

    1. Hey Paul! Yay, let us know when you can make it! Any time in July works for us!