Friday, May 24, 2013

All Done But the Finishing Up

Does anyone else know this saying: "All done but the finishing up"?  A really wonderful old Vermonter I knew and loved growing up used to say it.  And as we have been working around the house for the last few days since we moved back in, that saying keeps running through my head.  We've been hanging curtains, painting trim, wiping the last of the construction debris from the new floors, organizing our new pantry closet, and trying to remember where we keep everything in the kitchen! 
Doesn't Olivia look like she's being a big help? But she seems to have no objection to the new white floors.  And we now have a bathroom with a window! It's so small that I cant take a picture of the window without the help of the mirror, but it is bright and serene, and has a cute shorty tub for Emmett. He took his first bath in there today, and seemed very pleased.  I can't believe we got away with washing him in the kitchen sink for three and a half years.  He did a little bit of exuberant splashing in there today, and I think he is entitled. 
Our friends Garet and Carolyn just redid their bathroom, and they have "pieces of flair" in there (Office Space reference, for the uninitiated).  It really reflects their personal style, and looks fantastic. We have no flair yet. Zero. Which I hope doesn't reflect our personal style, only our lack of personal time.  But for now I am enjoying the white uncluttered emptiness.  I find it very calming. Plus having two bathrooms is AH-mazing. 

This really is the fun part of the renovation for me.  The final touches when the mess and chaos fades away and the final pretty little details emerge. 

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