Monday, October 18, 2010

Emmett's Nursery Before and After

I've had trouble putting up before and after pictures of the renovations of our house because I never feel like we are actually done!  But I'm going to consider these to be "after" at least a good chunk of renovations!  Please don't hold me to keeping it all this way!

I'm going to start with our baby Emmett's room, because it is 99% completed.  Of course there are still things I'd like to change, overall I'm very happy with the way it came out.  Especially when I look again at the before pictures!  

Here are some before shots:

The major design challenges in this space were; 1) the darkness, both in color and in lack of light.  2) The floor, covered with very old (and ugly) commercial carpeting.  3) The very strange vestibule/cupola thing in the ceiling.  There are little transom windows, which would have been lovely if they looked outside, but instead they look at insulation in the attic.  Not good. 4) Storage, because there was none.  For furniture we tried to make a mix of vintage and homemade details and some new pieces to fit the more utilitarian and practical needs. 

So here's what we did:

So first off we pulled up the yucky carpet and painted everything white to brighten it all up.  It's fantastic how much change you can make with just a couple of coats of paint!  I'm always amazed by that.  Since the floors underneath were wood, but not in great shape TH painted lovely yellow stripes on the floor.

Here's what we did with the ceiling situation.  I made and block printed some fabric panels to cover the insulation windows, and we hung a giant white paper lantern in place of the 70's era brass fixture that was there before.   

And above are the storage solutions we came up with.  We found a great vintage armoire (which was luckily already yellow!) and a bookcase from Land of Nod, to which we added the complementary bins to hide the clutter of diaper storage and the like.  

And for seating we got a lovely upholstered rocking chair from Pottery Barn, which has already been used for hundreds of cozy hours of nursing and stories.   Other details came from Dwell Studio for Target, lighting from Ikea, and many many home made details, like the roman shade and the ceramic mobile.  Nesting is a great motivator for getting crafty!  In fact, the process of shopping for all of the great wall art I bought from Etsy inspired me to start Fiddleheads For Fiona!

Thanks for checking out our nursery renovation!  More sneak peaks of other rooms to follow soon!  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. i love his nursery, so cute in person too:)

  2. This looks totally fabulous. I love how light and bright it feels, and the paper lantern looks like it was made for that cut-out in the ceiling! Genius.