Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Work for the League of NH Craftsmen

I'm very excited!  I've just recently been accepted to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen!  (Even though we live in Vermont we are close enough to the NH border to qualify)  I'm not 100% sure what membership is going to be all about, but I think it is going to be great!  I'm so glad to have hooked up with a community of craftsmen in our new locale.  So far I have work on exhibit in the Concord Gallery, and am about to send off a shipment headed to the Meredith Gallery early next week.  Here are a few pics of the work I made for my jury session with the League.  

Here's a new bangle, inspired by the stonewalls all around our place up here:

I really enjoyed getting back into making one of a kind pieces.  I haven't really done much of that since I was in school because I've been so focused on my wholesale business.  I am so excited to have an outlet for this type of work so I can keep making it!

And here's a ring to go with it:

I took these photos on a recent family trip to Cape Cod.  I love the beach in the fall.  It is so quiet and melancholy.  Of course, I love the beach in the summer too, when it is hot and lovely, and much much better for swimming!  

We take what we can get, right?

Here's a cute pic of the boys on the beach.  

I hope - No, Plan! - to be posting more often than I have been recently.  A truly lovely visit this weekend from Jennifer of Odette NY re-inspired me.  Thanks Jeni! 

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