Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living Room Before & After

Having our living room up right now on Apartment Therapy in their "Room for Color" contest has motivated me to finally put up the before and after's of our living room reno!  If you'd like to check out our entry on Apartment Therapy click here.

Here is a look at what we did to our living room when we moved into the barn.  Actually, the living room required the least amount of work of all the rooms.  Mostly it was mostly just painting.  But just bump up the hours we worked on it we decided to paint it three times to get exactly the right color blue.  That's right, I said three times.  I would never have taken the time, but TH has a touch of the OCD, and I'm glad now that he does, because I think it came out great.  

Here is what we started with:
 We were lucky that the room already had the nice built-ins at the end, and the nice new wood floors.  The antique farm table and hitchcock chairs were the first purchase we made for our new home.  After living in our tiny Brooklyn apartment we were so excited to actually have room for an actual dining room table!  It's amazing what you consider a luxury in New York! 

And here's The O enjoying the wide open spaces.


And here's the finished product:

The only major renovation we did in this room was installing the Jotul wood stove, which was a fairly big project, but completely worth it.  I love feeling cozy in the winter, and this allows us to have at least one room in the freezing north that easily hovers at around 80 degrees.  Also, just looking at the fire makes me feel warm!

The couch is from Room & Board, the rug is from Crate and Barrel, and the little poofs are from Ikea. The prints in the detail photo next to the wood stove are Gocco prints on vintage book pages from Wondercabinet.  Everything else we found in vintage shops or was scavenged from family.

More installments of our house makover to follow soon!

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