Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Chick Day at Erskine's

R.B. Erskine is our local feed and grain store, and it is where you go to get all the things you might need for your garden, pets, or small farm.  This past Friday was baby chick day, the day that all the chickens that people pre-ordered arrived for pick up.  Baby chick day is always a very busy day in there, and also very popular with the kiddos.  There are boxes and boxes of little peeping fluff balls waiting to be picked up and taken to their new homes.
This is also where I get the grain for my horses, seeds for my garden, and pretty much everything else that has to do with working outside.  It is a family run business and has been in our town for generations.  All the guys that work there couldn't be nicer or more helpful, and they are always willing to spend some time with you to help you figure out why your electric fence isn't working, what kind of bug might be eating your broccoli plants, or how to best build a little greenhouse for your spring seeds.  I feel so lucky to have them in our town, and every time I go there I leave with a warm fuzzy feeling, even when it's not baby chick day.


  1. Well said! We LOVE Erskine's!

  2. Great pictures! Our Tractor Supply has baby chicks and ducks and our toddler loves to visit! We even saw a baby lamb in a diaper there once. What a great adventure!