Thursday, May 5, 2011


We've been into building around here recently, especially the boys.  Occasionally when I walk into a room it's as if fairies were just there building little monoliths and then had suddenly disappeared as I entered the room.  Most of Emmett's are pretty primitive ( I mean, he's only one and a half, after all :) ), but some of the collaborative ones are like little floating worlds.  I've been snapping pictures of them over the last few months as they appear.
These last 2 are mixed media extravaganzas, including stacking cubes, books, duplos, Das System cubes, and stacking rings.  Way to go boys!

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  1. Everything is so pretty over here! Great totems. I love the mixed media one. And I love your photographs of your friend's studio and apartment. That chess set is lovely. Thanks Rebecca!