Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Early Macs

Things are feeling a little bittersweet to me this morning.  I am a bit sad to report that apple season has begun up here.  It is just the Early Macs, which ripen a good 3 weeks before the other varieties, but it is still a major harbinger of Fall, which is, of course, a harbinger of winter, and I'M NOT READY FOR WINTER!  It was 50 degrees last night, and we put Emmett in his new cool weather pj's.  50 degrees is awfully close to 49 degrees, which is genuinely chilly.
I do love fall though.  It is my favorite season, actually.  I love the crisp air, and harvesting all the vegetables.  And there are no bugs, so it is such a great time to be outside doing things.  But it is so darn short sometimes, and winter is so long, that it is hard not to project forward to masses of dark frozen snowiness.  Sigh.


  1. I love fall, too. I like wearing pants and sweaters (just that- no coat, hat, scarf, mittens!!), going to harvest festivals, getting apples and cider, and so on. It's a very home-y season.