Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Booth at NYIGF

I was pretty happy with how my booth turned out at NYIGF.  I'm not very happy with the pictures I managed to take though.  For some reason it was very hard to photograph!  So please give me the benefit of the doubt and assume the booth looked better than these pictures show.  But here they are, for better or for worse.
This top picture was just the bones of the booth, before I put out any jewelry or accents.
I definitely think it was a big improvement over last time.  I love the colors, the giant photo, and the rug.  The little apples were a big hit too.  I do wish that I had decided to bring some neck stands, I think that would have helped illustrate what I was selling.  Buyers at NYIGF are so overwhelmed that you really need to make everything easy for them to see, which I'm not sure I did.  I also worry that the natural canvas covered boards did not show off the jewelry very well from a distance, but up close they looked great.  And I wish I had made more jewelry, even though I felt like I had a lot!  But 10x10 is a huge amount of space, especially for jewelry as tiny as mine.  The lighting turned out to be coming too much from directly overhead, so it created too many shadows.  The lighting on the tabletops was great, but on the wall panels it was too oblique.  Whew, so after saying al that it doesn't sound like I was all that happy with it, but I was!  It is just very easy to find fault in anything if you spend 5 straight days in a 10x10 space.  Overall the show was exhausting, but produced enough business to keep me busy for the fall, so that's the idea, right?! 

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