Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Whirlwind Trip To Picnic, Portland

I had a great time in Portland, even though my trip was cut 1 day short in order to flee from hurricane Irene.  Well I guess I fled from and to hurricane Irene, but at least I got to weather the storm from the comfort of home.  But even so, Picnic was lots of fun.  Cassie (that is all of her lovely jewelry along the back wall) and I managed to erect our tent (with the help of a kind stranger) and build out our booth mostly to our satisfaction.  Some streamlining is definitely necessary before our next show though, because it took us an additional hour over the allotted set up time, so we actually missed the first hour of the show.  Not so good.  But we sold some things, and made some new friends, and met some online friends in person too, which was great.  I was very sad not to get any leisure time in Portland though, and it was a real drag driving home in the pouring rain on Saturday night.  Stupid hurricane.  But we will get another chance to further hone our craft show skills in 3 weeks, at stART on the street, in Worcester, MA on September 18th!  I'm already brainstorming on how to build a pop-up display, and I'm taking suggestions.  And as my friend Holly always says, "there are no bad ideas in brainstorming," so please feel free to just shout em out!  (or maybe type them in the comments, cuz chances are I won't hear you shouting)  

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