Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Weekend of Not Labor

We had a very action packed labor day weekend up here, and none of it was packed with labor, which was the best part about it.  Being self-employed we almost always work at least a little bit on weekends, so this was a welcome break.  We went to quite a few picnics, one of which was thrown by friends at their lovely mountain-top spot in the photos above.  (There were actually other people at the picnic, I swear, but I somehow managed not to catch them in these photos)
I discovered my new favorite breakfast, which is a kind of poor-mans-bagel-and-lox, which is an everything bagel, chopped fresh garden tomato, capers, cream cheese, fresh red onion, and salt.  Basically everything you can put on a bagel, minus the lox.
And I finally started processing the garden produce in a way that we'll be able to enjoy it in the months to come.  Above is Smitten Kitchen's recipe for oven dried cherry tomatoes, which you can check out here.  And below is a batch of oven roasted tomatillo salsa, which you can see here.  Both very easy, and very yummy. 
So now I have staved off the garden guilt for at least a few days, and can get down to preparing for the next show of the fall season, stART on the Street, in Worcester, MA on September 16th.  Also, today is Emmett Bean's first day of preschool, so stay tuned tomorrow for the obligatory photos of the small child in clean clothes and a large backpack.  Probably organized parent would have given him a bath last night so that he was clean too, but, well, I guess that tells you what kind of parents we are. . . But I'm sure there will be many tears this morning when I drop him off, possibly both his and mine, so please think warm thoughts for us on our big day!  (And you can possibly do a little happy dance for us in our very quiet and distraction free house around 10am) 

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