Friday, September 7, 2012

E Bean Goes To School!

Wednesday was Emmett's first day of preschool!  He was a little unsure about it at first, and was pretty worried about it in the car on the way over.  And was very sad when I left him, poor little guy.  Isn't it heart wrenching to abandon a poor scared toddler into the capable hands of his preschool teachers?  
But by the time we went to pick him up he was all smiles.  It was a battle, and it took him a couple of hours to settle in, but he did it.  Go Emmett!  And today he gets to go for his second day, and today it will be a full day, from 9-3pm, including (so they say) a nap.  How they get a room full of disoriented toddlers to nap together in one room is a complete and utter mystery to me, but I have faith!
And now we are realizing that sending a kid to school requires all kinds of additional gear, especially for a packed lunch.  Anybody have any suggestions for school lunch gear that they like?  I ordered him a pretty sweet Panda Bento Box, which hasn't yet arrived, but I'm eagerly awaiting it. But we'll need more stuff, I think.  Plus now we have to come up with creative (read not the same every day) and healthy lunches to send with him that other people will actually see!  Oh, the pressure!  Suggestions on that front anyone?

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