Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmett Bean Turns Three!

Hooray!  Yesterday was Emmett's 3rd birthday! We had a really fun party, that was equally geared towards kids and adults (well, maybe a little skewed towards the adults).  But the kids seemed to really enjoy the giant blue truck cake that TH and our friend Garet made together.  They worked very hard on this cake, and on top of being a big rig, and hilariously blue both inside and out, was actually quite delicious.  (Emmett's main request for his birthday cake was that it should be blue, so they really had no choice about the color) I was so busy at the beginning of the party doing all the last minute cooking etc. that I didn't even get a chance to take any photos.  I haven't thrown a big party in a long time, and I am way out of practice, and so things were a little hectic.  I probably shouldn't have had such a leisurely breakfast at the diner that morning!  Anyway, I am bummed that I have almost no photos of the party, but I do have a lot of photos of the cake making process, so I'll put those below.
Pretty amazing, isn't it?

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