Thursday, October 11, 2012

All Set Up at the Weston Craft Show!

So I'm all set up and ready to go! (Mostly, except for the pricing that I have left for the last minute that I will do between when I drop Emmett off at school across the common at 9am and when the show opens at 10am) This is a cool show set up in all possible corners of the historic Weston Playhouse, including all of the offices, actor dorm rooms, basement cabaret space, lobby, and stage.  The warren-like layout of the show encourages patrons to explore the building, and poke into every nook and cranny.  At least I hope it does, because my space sure is in one of those crannies, in a little office off the balcony seating!  But we do have french doors (just to the right of my shelf and logo display panel) that looks out over the pretty orange trees on the common, so that's a nice perk.   If I peer out the door I might even be able to watch Emmett when he is out on the playground.  I hope if you are in the area, or live in the area, you will be able to make the trip over the mountain and come check out the handmade goods!

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