Monday, October 15, 2012

The October Garden and Show Wrap-Up

We had our first major frost over the weekend, and although we tried to save the peppers by covering them with a sheet it was just too far below freezing for that to be enough.  So anything frost tender is looking pretty grim out there.  But I was thrilled to pull my first turnip and find it to be so round and handsome.  I very rarely cook with turnips, although we have so many out there I think that is about to change.  Any recipe suggestions?

It is weirdly warm today, and I am hoping to get out in the garden this afternoon to do a little clean up, pull some more turnips, and dig up the onions and potatoes before they rot in the ground.  We'll see if we can get the boy into the fresh air after a busy and tiring day at school, fingers crossed.

And please notice my gorgeous new cutting board.  I bought over the weekend this from my neighbor at the Weston Craft Show, David Munyak.  We use cutting boards constantly around here, and I decided I might as well have a good looking one! Kind of like a nice pair of jeans, or a good pair of glasses, if something is going to be such a major part of your life it is worth spending a little money to get something that will make your eyes happy.  The show this weekend was truly lovely, sales were steady, but the best part about it by far was connecting with other local artisans.  I am really starting to feel like I am part of a community of amazing people, and it feels really good.

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