Friday, October 5, 2012

The Last of the Tomatoes. . .

The last of the tomatoes, plus another haul of tomatillos.  And there are still LOADS of these things out there!  Aside from tomatillo salsa does anyone have any idea what to do with them?? I'm a little tired of doing the same old thing, although I made and froze a ton of salsa last year and still ran out mid-winter.  But please send any other tomatillo suggestions my way!

I haven't forgotten the rest of the Richmond posts, I just wanted to do a quick check in here at home, and I thought these colors were too pretty not to share. Oysters and candlelight are next, I swear.


  1. fried green tomatillos.. dave makes them, delicious.

    1. Hey Virginia! Thanks for the suggestion! I love the idea. And they're not super sour??

  2. I sometimes add a little brown sugar to the cornmeal batter for fried green tomatoes, so I bet that would work for this, too. I am making a batch of tomatillo salsa right now. I have also been looking at recipes this morning that use the same old salsa but in contexts like braised ribs or roast chicken.