Monday, January 14, 2013

Beautiful Spaces: The Otto's Barn

Some friends of ours are in the middle of shoring up their beautiful old barn, so TH went over to take a look around and take some pictures.  This farm used to be what was called "the town farm" where vagrants, or people down on their luck could get room and board in return for working on the farm.
 I love the wall in the photo above.  Look at how all of those boards are hammered onto it in a seemingly willy-nilly crazy quilt of repairs.
See those little stones and concrete pyramids under the floor beams?  Those little things are holding up that whole barn. (!)
All photos in this post by Tom Hutten.


  1. Holy cow, that's beautiful! What will they do with the space?

  2. Hey Jeni! Right now they are just trying to stop it from falling down. . .