Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Parsnip Miracle

We just dug these beautiful parsnips out of the ground this weekend.  They have been living quite happily for the last 5 months under about 4 feet of snow.  I had heard a rumor that parsnips could "winter over" in the garden, but somehow I never quite believed it.  And they were delicious, and so sweet that they were almost sticky once they were cooked, even though I only roasted them in a little olive oil and salt.  Amazing.  And what a treat to dig something fresh out of the garden at this time of year!  I had forgotten how much more flavor home grown vegetables have than their store-bought counterparts.  I definitely plan to repeat, and increase this beauty of a crop this coming gardening season!


  1. you can do it with carrots too!

  2. Yum ... I love roasted parsnips & ones you grew yourself! What could be better! Great photos too!