Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Endless Application

I am in the middle of putting together yet another review shipment to hopefully finalize my acceptance to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  This process has taken a lot longer than I expected, and been quite a bit more frustrating than I expected, to become a member of an association which, quite frankly, I'm not even all that clear on what the benefits will be!  Seems silly, right?  But since I have come this far, darn it, I am determined to see it through!  But after a written (with essays!) application, 2 review meetings/critiques with a jury, and so far 4 review shipments over a period of about a year and a half, I am beginning to feel that the process is a little bit overly serious.  I mean it's not like I get access to national secrets or THE big red button or anything once I am accepted. (Or will I?)  I am now at what I believe is the final part of the process, the quality review shipments, which they ask for to make sure that the quality of the work of newly accepted artists is consistent. And although the process is only supposed to include 3 review shipments, what is supposed to be my last review shipment keeps getting returned/rejected with what I feel are a little bit nit-picky notes like "your ovals should either be more exact or more organic" and "the hammering on this one earring (which I have made about 100 times, btw) is uneven."  So I feel like the finish line is just becoming more elusive and subjective, and the relentless making and sending of one of a kind pieces off to Concord, NH is starting to feel a little masochistic. But oh well, here goes another shipment!  Above this little tirade I posted some photos of what I'm sending so you can all be informed witnesses if it gets sent back to me with big red (metaphorical) X's all over everything.  And if you've made it this far, thanks for listening to me vent! I feel much better.  I guess I am just feeling a little discouraged and frustrated right now about this whole endeavor because I quite like the jewelry I've sent so far, and nobody likes to have their hard work rejected.  But hopefully this will just be a little blip in what will turn out to be a very good thing long term!  Right?
Thanks again for listening everyone!  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!  Oh, and just for fun, here is the bracelet with the "too organic or not organic enough ovals" ;)  Poor little reject bracelet!


  1. Cuff, third photo down...I must have it. thank you.

  2. Oh, hells, no. Jen, I will arm wrestle you for that cuff. LOVE.

    And yes, when I saw that last bracelet, I definitely thought "those ovals either need to be more or less organic." WTF. It's lovely and it clearly has your personal signature all over it, which, you would think, would be the point of such "quality control" demands.

  3. Thanks so much girls! You girls are the best!

  4. I started my etsy shop after total frustration at the jury review at the League in 2007. The jury panel was a pose of old men. Their comments and questions seemed so from left field to me. Instead of being excited about some new blood in their tired old league.... they acted like they were guarding the door to the most exclusive club on the planet. I got in, after much ado, and then I never found a use for them. Who wants to be huddled under a tent in August with a bunch of cranky crafters.... and the booth fee in crazy. ANYWAY. excuse my rant. They would be so lucky to have you. SO lucky, but they won't get that. :)