Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome Blue!

Hello everyone! How were your weekends?  We had a very weekendy weekend around here, which means very little work, and mostly play and the inevitable life administration (laundry, cleaning, groceries)  We actually did a major overhaul of a room we've been calling "the junk office," which should give you some clue as to its previous state.  Neither the before, during or after were pretty, so you won't see it on Campestral, but believe me, the effort and the results were heroic!  And, we got a new pet!  Here he is.  His name is Blue Fish.
Emmett has recently been extremely fascinated by fish.  In fact, one of the sure fire ways to calm him down if he gets really upset about something is to show him YouTube videos of snorkeling or scuba diving.  So we thought we'd get him the real thing.  Since we wanted something low investment and maintenance (read no real fish tank with a bubbler and filtration system) we were steered towards a Betta by the people at the pet store.  
We've put him in a pretty glass hurricane from Simon Pearce that TH got me for Christmas last year.  A plain old fish bowl is so boring, don't you think?  And there was a cute moment when Olivia noticed him, captured in the photo above.  I have never had great luck with fish, so I feel a little anxious for the health and safety of our new family member.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him!  I think the average temperature in our house is a little low for him, so also please keep your fingers crossed for all of us that it stops snowing one of these days!


  1. Your hurricane glass makes a lovely fish bowl & a very elegant home for Mr. Blue. Best of luck with him!

  2. Oh, we had one for a long while who had originally been in the centerpiece at my husband's brother's wedding (interesting.......) We purposefully left the centerpiece, but they SAVED it for us and presented our Betta to us a few days later. The last thing I wanted with an 18-month-old was something more to take care of. But he was easy to care for and lived a year and a half at least. He would puff his gills when my sister looked at him in his vase/bowl - she has a funny way of provoking water creatures. Anyway, we named ours Alphie (alphie-betta... get it? i know, it's bad), and I missed him when he left us. Have so much fun - your Blue is a beautiful color!

  3. O needs more blog time, seriously. Best dog ever.

  4. I am so with Jennifer....Olivia is so adorable. And so is blue, could any fish be luckier? In a Simon Pierce vase? AWESOME. I can't wait to visit your beautiful home hun. Good luck Blue!