Friday, August 10, 2012

Annual Craftsmen's Fair

Oh dear, I see that I haven't posted anything since croquet two weeks ago!  Bad blogger!  But here is what I've been up to, which has been consuming all of my time and then some.  I've been building this booth, and then standing in it all day selling jewelry at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Summer Fair, in Sunapee, New Hampshire.
Please excuse the not so great cell phone photos.  I need to get a wide angle lens for my camera so I can take shots of things like this (but way better)!
The fair has been really fantastic so far.  Business has been good, and I've met many great and lovely customers.  A nine day show is quite a marathon though.  I'm afraid I am going to be at loose ends once this finishes up on Sunday, I've spent so much time getting ready for this!  But I highly recommend a visit to the show if you are in the area.  It is quite impressive!  I'm too tired right now to eloquently tell you all of the ways that it is impressive, but go check it out, and come say hi while you are there!  I'm in Tent 8, booth #805.

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  1. Wow, your display looks great! Did you build that glass top table? That's hardcore! Hang in there girl!:)