Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Applesauce With Mom

My mom has made applesauce from the apples from our early mac trees pretty much every year for as long as I can remember.  This year I finally signed on to help so that I could learn how it is done.  This is a little photo journal of the process, so I'll always have a reference.
Wash all the apples in the sink. It's ok if they have some questionable spots to be removed later
Cut apples into chunks, removing any brown or wormy spots, stems, and any crevices that could trap dirt
Put the apple segments in a large pot over a diffuser so the bottom doesn't burn or brown.  Add enough water to help the apples stew.  Cook until very soft and mostly disintegrated. 
Pass through a food mill and pour milled apples back into the pot to be seasoned with sugar and cinnamon to taste
Spoon applesauce into sterilized jars and add a half teaspoon of powdered citric acid to prohibit botulism 
Place new lid on jar and add ring.  Tighten ring, and then loosen slightly to allow air to escape in the boiling water bath.  Simmer filled jars submerged in the boiling water bath for ten minutes and then remove carefully with jar tongs.  Place them on the counter and wait for the seal to form as the jars cool, then tighten down the ring all the way.
My parents are thinking about selling this house, and if they do it is traditions like this that will be the saddest to let go of.  I don't know if having all of these photos will make it harder or easier, but I know in the long run I'll be glad to have them, and hopefully Emmett will too.

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  1. Oh dear, it's hard to loose such traditions... But so good, that you join to do it and keep it alive.